Lebrero-Freeman Residence

Clients wanted to have a residence where they could entertain guests all year round without losing their privacy. The house is located in Cabrousse, a small town south of Senegal – near Cap Skirring. It is set in a 40 m x 40 m plot and the main requirement from clients’ side was for part of the land to be left unoccupied so in the future there would be space to set up a small business.

The overall layout consists of two modules connected by a decompressing area. The first module is larger and holds the public part of the residence: open space living room, dining, kitchen and powder room. It is connected to the exterior through outdoor decks which provide several open-air lounges. The private part of the house revolves around a central courtyard, which serves for internal communication and ventilation purposes. The bedrooms, bathrooms and the service entrance, are located in this part of the house.

The use of local materials with different finishes emphasizes the volumes seen on the exterior of the house. Pergolas are located all around the house to prevent the heat and to control natural light. The façade has random vertical openings that support natural ventilation and keep the interior of the residence protected from the heat.